Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Super Cute Valentine

Looking for a cute way to send Valentine's this year? Ofcourse Stampin' Up! has you covered. 
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 131850 Love You More Stamp Set (Wood) $21.95
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 134610 Sweetheart Treat Bags $4.95 12 heart sacks, 12 die-cut labels, 12 pre-cut pieces of  Pool Party Baker's Twine
 132162 Monster Hugs Boy $5.95 18 boy monsters, 18 googly eyes, 18 adhesive hearts
 132163 Monster Hugs Girl $5.95 18 girl monsters, 18 googly eyes, 18 adhesive hearts
 134609 Sweet Sayings Cards and Envelopes $5.95 12 printed card bases, 12 envelopes (four Real Red, four Pool Party, four Crisp Cantaloupe)

Monday, January 13, 2014

I took a time out...

Several months ago I wrestled with the decision to step back from so many things that were interfering with what was most important in my life. I felt God's call to shift my focus from so much clutter back on to my priority which is my relationship with Him, my husband, and my beautiful family. Have you ever found yourself struggling to make time? You can't figure out how to get everything done? I was there, how was I going to have my own business, home school, and make my family a top priority, plus all the church activities. I was asked so often, How do you do it all? Truth be told....I can't. I would love to be wonder woman and do everything that I want to do but if we are really honest with ourselves when we look at our list something always gets pushed to the back. For me, it was what was supposed to be my top priority. So it was time to walk away and clean house. Remove the extra and take a look at where I was. God has a plan and knew that this timeout was just what I needed.

The beauty in all of this is that I have spent the last 4 months doing just what I needed to find my priorities again. I was able to enjoy so many little things that I feel like I have missed. I have been able to devote my attention to those who needed it most. With a new year we all make goals, lists, and resolutions of things that we want to accomplish and do in the new year. We have things that we want to make happen, or want to see happen. Everyone has a priority on their list. What is yours?

As I sat down with my list I was hoping that something new would find its way on there but it seems like every year I set goals to do that same thing. I desire this year to draw closer to God, be a light for Him and reflect Him in everything that I say, think and do. I want my life to be useful. I was reminded in a sermon yesterday by one of our Pastors that God take the clay when it is messed up and molds it into something useful. I want God to remake me into something useful and reshape my flaws and mistakes into something that He can get glory from. There are so many other goals on my list from making my marriage stronger, learning to cook, taking care of my family through healthy foods, and being a better home school mom, and well just being a better mom.

What do you want from your year? What goals have you set for yourself ? Something that I have thought about a lot over these last few days is how much I miss blogging and sharing with you who read. I have missed spending time working on projects and well just sharing my heart. So with a new year I have decided that I would like to get back to a little blogging.  Who knows where it will take us. It won't be everyday but I hope you will continue to join me.