Friday, May 17, 2013

How can you use Stampin Up in your wedding?

A beautiful weekend for a wedding....
Between the accident and the amazing wedding of my best friend it has been a busy couple of weeks!
Here is a picture of us from her wedding over the weekend! She is such a beautiful bride!

 So believe it or not I actually hear this a lot....Oh I could never make my own invitations or I can't incorporate that stuff into my wedding....One of the things that pinterest has done for weddings is allow for brides to use their creativity to make their weddings unique and personal. No two couples are the same, their weddings shouldnt be either. Here is their beautiful invitations that the bride and I made for her wedding, they are simply elegant and were so easy to make. Her guests raved about her invitations ad how much they loved the handmade touch, wow your guests before they even get to your wedding!

My Digital Studio lended some beautiful programs, these where half sheet size, front and back. With MDS you can create a logo for your wedding, that you can use on invitations, favors, and programs. 
The wedding favors were probably my favorite! Using the same logo from the programs we created thank you tags for each of the M&M favors. Each place setting had one and it was a perfect way to say thank you to her guests for coming to their wedding!

There are so many beautiful handmade touches that you can add to your wedding....Need help incorporating great ideas like these into your wedding? Email me now!

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