Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More than just cards...

I love to create and I believe with all my heart it is a talent that God has given me and no one else. I cannot do it on my own, it all comes from His help. God opened a door for a tremendous ministry opportunity to send card kits to missionaries in Panama. What a precious gift to be able to serve Christ in such a way. I wish I could have been  there to share these kits myself but God has placed them in the right hands. Our church was actually able to go and do cards with a group of teenagers while they where there and I wanted to share what God is doing.
Here are the card kits, the ladies of the church and I worked on 100 card kits to send to panama, along with the stamps and items they needed to complete their cards.


These are two of the photos that some of the Panama team took while on their trip, making cards wit the women in the villages. Yes I will admit I cried and my heart was over whelmed. My prayer is that God will use these for His honor and glory! How exciting!

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