Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My current project....

With a new baby due anyday, I have taken on a new project, call me crazy but I have a new determination to get it done before he gets here, either that or all of this mess is going to put me into labor! I know I promised new project ideas from the the new catalog and you will start seeing those tomorrow but first I wanted to share my mess....

My current undertaking is catching up on my scrapbooks, Im working on 2008 until now...lets just say I have bitten off more than I can chew....over the last few days Ive completed alot including Ethan's baby book, Addies first trip to the beach book, almost done with 2008 and still alot more to go...I need some cheerleaders!

Here is my work table, how I find anything Im not sure it is a MESS!

Currently today working on 2008, yes that sweet face in those pictures is addie, its been a nice trip down memory lane looking back at the last few years and seeing how much she has grown!

The overall mess....Im almost ashamed to show you this mess but hey as every scrapbooker knows behind every good scrapbook is a BIG BIG MESS!

So over the weekend we celebrated addies 4th birthday alittle early before brother gets here, she really had a great time at her Minnie Mouse party! Thought I would share a picture of my sweet girl!

Well check back tomorrow for some sneak peek projects!

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