Monday, September 12, 2011

What a weekend...

Well as most of you know I had my first show this weekend and our annual Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser....It may be monday but I am not recovered AT ALL....Im trying to clean up my mess alittle bit and get ready to tackle another week! Lots of great ideas to share with you coming up! These are super easy to create and give as gifts! Today I wanted to share with you my Hershey Bar Creations...Who doesnt love a good hershey bar...To be honest I think there was one missing in my box and the wrap just happened to be next to my husband...I wonder who ate it?
Halloween Treats! These are great for teachers, favors for a party or hostess!
Oh how I love fall, and this is perfect for anything fall!
Stocking Stuffers and Christmas Treats...need more be said :)

I hope you having a great monday!

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