Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Forget your memories week!

So for the next week or two I am going to have a Don't forget your memories week....What is this you may ask? Well one of the greatest things that I have always loved is Scrapbooking, I taught classes long before Stampin Up came into my life, scrapbooking is my first love. I love to stamp cards and send them to people, I love making cards with friends but I want to ignite your love of turning your memories into treasures! 

So we will be looking at Digital Scrapbooking and traditional scrapbooking, plus so not so traditional takes on scrapbooking...There are so many possibilities that there are no more excuses as to why you are not scrapbooking!

So for today my first share with you is a digital share:

My Digital Studio make scrapbooking so quick and easy, Once your done with your book upload it to stampin up and they will print it for you! Don't have My Digital Studio? You can order it online now! 

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