Thursday, June 21, 2012

What am I doing???

June is crazy for us, between both kids having birthdays, bible school, and just the everyday there is no time!! I am working on some brand new ideas for you and I cannot wait for you to see but I wanted to share what I have been working on lately. Getting ready to celebrate and first and fifth birthday....How time flies!
Their theme for their party is Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, we had some cute pictures done of them with a banner I made for their party. That is my non-stampin up related item for the month. I will share more from their party later, I basically did all the decor myself to keep in neutral and within the colors of black, yellow, red and white polka dots. Saturday will be the test! 
Ethan turned one on Monday.....I cannot believe it where does the time go...Isn't he just precious! 
Next Wednesday this ball of sassyness will be turning 5...sigh...I feel like it wasn't so long ago we brought her home from the hospital. Mom is emotional and busy...what a combination! I wanted to give you an update to what we have been doing. Keep an eye out for new ideas! 

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