Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stampin Room Redo Part 1

I am giving part one the title of "the mess"

For those of you who know me well I have a hard time with messes they mess with my head and I cannot focus so I have moved my laptop into the bedroom to get some work done away from the mess! 

I wanted to share the update on the office redo as no stamping is going on in there....
Here is what we started with when we moved in two years ago...
This room was a huge selling point for us! An amazing bonus room above the garage that I could use for stamping and eventually it would be the homeschool room as well. Well with addie starting kindergarten in the fall here we are! 
Here is a picture of how it looked right after we moved in:
It was the perfect crafting space and I love this room, it is my favorite in  the house (when it is clean)
Over the last two years we have added and subtracted and done a few changes but the biggest change is coming in the next few I am baring it all and showing you my mess! 
This wall is the future home of my stamping space:
This will be our homeschool area:
Here is my desk now, obviously no stamping going on: This wall will eventually have a white board for school or possibly a couch in the future:
A full view of what 2 years and 2 kids can do:
Another bonus about this room is the walk in closet:
All of this will look so different in the coming days and I cannot wait to share it all with you! 
Here is the mess from the morning as we make room for new furniture:
I am almost ashamed to show you my mess!! But I know the finished product will be amazing thanks to my hubby!!

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